History of Trick or Treating

Halloween is definitely probably the most magical holidays for adults and children. It is actually a fun time to dress up, hang out with your pals, and partake from the traditional trick or treating. But, do you have even wondered where trick or treating has come from?

Trick or treating is a traditiom has been in existence for quite some time. Children dress up within a costume and check out neighbor’s houses, ring the doorbell, and have some candy. In America, trick or treating has existed for pretty much a century.

But, something much like trick or treating has been in existence for much longer in countries for example Ireland, Scotland, and Britain. There are several accounts of people dressing inside a Halloween costume and going from house to accommodate reciting poems or verses. Sometimes groups would perform short plays or fun scenes. For his or her effort, they could be rewarded with food or drink.

It is actually thought migrants from Europe were those who started trick or treating in the us. Your kids would dress up and change from house to house, requesting a reward as well as warning when they were not welcomed in they would qualify for a misfortune. It is just recently that kids started saying the words trick or treat.

In Latin cultures such as Puerto Rico, children dress up and go door to door seeking a sugar skull. They are then usually given a reward seems like a skull made from chocolate or some other delicious flavor. It is a nod towards the popular holiday, Dia de los Muertos, a vacation that celebrates a family’s history.

The next time the truth is a trick or treater, or take your kids trick or treating, recall the rich reputation of the custom. It really is definitely worth the effort of keeping this tradition alive.


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