Make Sure You Use A 12 Point Inspection for Buying A Used Truck

In today’s auto market, it can certainly be good to buy used. Buying new can set you back a pretty penny, and there are plenty of good used trucks out there that are dependable and can serve their purpose. Yet just like you don’t want to buy a lemon when you buy a new vehicle, you also don’t want to buy a used truck that is going to give you a bunch of problems. Therefore, a 12-point inspection checklist for buying a used truck can come in handy.


The 12-point inspection checklist not only tells you what to look for, but how to handle the inspection as well. For example, you don’t want to be looking at a used truck at night. You want to be sure that you’re handling the inspection during the daytime because you could easily miss something. Yes, a flashlight helps, but you want to look under the hood without a flashlight, and you want to examine the body of the truck during the daytime, too.

You know you are going to want to inspect the tires. Yet inspecting the tires is much more than just about the tires themselves. Furthermore, it’s more than just about looking at the front of the tires and the tread. You want to look at the inside of the tires, and that of course means the part of the tire that does not face the outside. What are you looking for?

You’re looking at the tread yet again, but you are also looking for leakage signs. Examining the inside of the tires can sometimes show you that a truck is leaking brake fluid and other important fluids. Most people fail to look at the inside of each tire, only taking the inspection so far. Don’t make that mistake.

The next thing you’re going to do is to take a good close look at the radiator fluid. Keep in mind that a truck has to be cooled off in order to remove the radiator cap. Yet you want a good look at that fluid. If it’s not green, then you don’t want that truck. There are even testers that you can buy to determine the fluid quality, and you are saving yourself from buying a truck with engine problems. Also check the hoses.

The air filter is also important to look at as well. Much of the 12-point inspection list for buying used trucks is quite simple. Yet there are certain aspects of looking at a used vehicle for sale that can get a little complicated if any warning signs emerge. For example, let’s say you check the transmission dip stick, start the engine to make sure there isn’t any knocking sounds and check the oil. Say after doing those things, you aren’t quite sure about your findings.

You would want the engine to be examined further, and that might require for you to bring in a mechanic. Of course, you could just move on to the next used truck if you aren’t sure about the vehicle in question. You’re bound to find a used truck for sale at a good price that passes the 12-point inspection checklist.

You certainly want to be sure you check all your switches, too. Does the air conditioner work properly? Do all the lights work properly? You aren’t buying a new truck here, but you want a truck that is in good working order. It needs to be a dependable ride for you, and your money needs to be well spent.

To be quite honest, you need to be able to take it for a test drive, one that lasts several miles and not just a drive around the block. You need to see how the truck acts after a good long trip down the road. You can always take any used vehicle you want to buy in for a complete inspection, too. As a matter of fact, that would be a good idea once you find one that passes your own 12-point inspection. Yet knowing what to look for will help you determine which vehicles fit the mold. You will find a much better used truck that way, and you will be more confident about your vehicle purchase.

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