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Can You Get a Divorce Without an Attorney?

Divorce is the most dreaded word in relationships. No one gets married wanting to divorce, but life happens, and at times it is inevitable. The question is, can you get a divorce without an attorney? Yes, you surely can. Although divorce lawyers serve a purpose, there might be substantial reasons for that such as not being able to afford an attorney or being dissatisfied with your divorce lawyer. We will discuss how to handle a divorce while representing yourself. This is not meant as legal advice, nor should it be construed as such.

Find Information Regarding Divorce

Research could take some time. Internet sources could be your first step, but some sites offer incorrect and inadequate information. Beware of this.

Also, remember that there are different laws in different states and the proceedings in one may be different from another. It is very fundamental since you would not want to waste a lot of time reading about divorce proceedings in a state that is very different from yours. To avoid this, always vet the sites that you are using to decide on divorce. You could also talk to some lawyers to get some perspective and advice. There is nothing to lose by gaining more information on the matter.

Another source of information could be your county clerk. Most counties have county clerk offices, and it is always prudent to get first-hand information from a knowledgeable person. They will give you all the necessary information. Any information such as filing fees, or the location of the court will be at the court website.


Cost is one of the main factors in divorce. It should, therefore, be treated with the utmost seriousness. It is always best to refer to multiple sources of information while dealing with cost. Some of the things to consider when thinking about it will be pensions, marital homes, spousal rights and property division. If you and your spouse agree on how to deal with all these cost factors, then it is a smooth ride for you.

However, a considerable number of spouses don’t see eye to eye on this issue, so we need to know how to deal with it. It can be very complicated and elongate the process which would have otherwise been very speedy and efficient for everyone involved. It would help if you documented all your family assets. Also, don’t forget to note down all the family debt that may have accumulated over time.

Check Out Legal Document Preparers

Document preparers will prepare legal work for divorce agreements. Using the information that you give them, they will prepare personalized papers for you to file and prepare your documents making it very easy and effective for you. It is advised to follow this route since they have experience with that particular subject and it is more efficient than going through it alone.

How Children Will Be Affected

If both parties are not in agreement on how visitation and custody rights will be conducted, a mediator may be required. In case this is not fruitful, a judge could be the next step since they consider the best interests of the children. If there have been any actions of violence witnessed from one of you, then a child protection order may be put in place for the parents and the children.

Any documentation such as emails, video recordings, photos, receipts or even letters that show parental abuse will be taken seriously by the court. The court will punish the parent that is responsible. The children might have to stay with the parent who is non-violent. Bear in mind that children will always be affected in all divorce proceedings and it is your duty as the parent to try and minimize any pain they may go through.

Give Notice to the Other Party

The original document should be taken to your spouse through a professional. Once they receive the notice, he or she is required to get back to you. You will then take the papers to the clerk’s office and a hearing date set later.

Filing for a divorce without an attorney works best in uncontested cases. It saves you money and a lot of time that would have been spent hiring one. To make it successful, you should ensure that you have all the knowledge about it and through that, you are likely to have a smooth divorce.