Why Spending on A Nail Technician Is Better Than Doing It Yourself

Do you often wonder why almost every block in the city has a nail salon? Did you ever question why businesses in nail care never go bankrupt? It’s because men and women keep pouring in. Statistics show that majority of salon customers are actually women. Why do you think women spend hundreds of dollars on nail care?

You see, women are busy people and it’s actually quite surprising why, despite their crazy schedules, they still find time to book a salon appointment to have their nails done and even finding nail salon near you are challenging to get the best one. Yes, most women prefer to go to a salon and pay a professional nail technician rather than doing their own nails. Why do you think women prefer to be pampered in nail salons even if it means spending money? Here are your answers.

Salon Manicure Versus DIY

Professional Nail Salons Make You Feel Relaxed

Most if not all nail salons are designed to make you feel relaxed. The soothing music, the plush seats, the fragrance coming from the mix of essential oils and the warm lights are all carefully primed to give you the best experience. You can’t possibly relax at home when all the kids are playing and running around. Plus, you’ll run the risk of hurting yourself since the kids are everywhere. You don’t have to deal with these things when you’re at the salon because you’ll have your own corner with your own professional nail technician taking good care of you and making sure you are comfortable.

Professional Service Is Provided

Ideally, all nail technicians are required to undergo training to ensure that they don’t make mistakes while they are caring for your nails. This is one of the main reasons why women are willing to spend money on salons because they know that in exchange for their money, they will be getting quality service. There are those who attempted to do their own nails but ended up injuring themselves and not only that they weren’t happy with the results. With a professional nail technician, you can choose the polish you want and the shape of the nails you wish to achieve. All you need to do is to give them specific instructions and they will do it for you while you rest or take a nap.

Additional Pampering Services

If you go in for a basic manicure and pedicure you can be certain that those aren’t the only services you will be getting. Most nail salon and spas offer a free-ten-minute hand and foot massage after a manicure and pedicure while others provide free hand cleansing and moisturizing. You don’t get these perks when you’re doing your own nails at home.

Wide Variety of Products

Although opting to have your nails done at home will save you money, your choices in terms of nail polish and other nail care products are limited whereas if you go to a salon, you’ll be graced with a wide variety of nail products. Most nail salons offer jeweled or glitter accents and they also offer nail art, all of which aren’t normally available at home.

Qualities to Look for In A Nail Salon

Although generally nail salons are better compared to doing DIY manicures and pedicures, not all nail salons offer superior quality service. Unfortunately, unhygienic nail salons exist and this can be very dangerous as it increases your risk of infection especially if they reuse manicure tools and fail to sterilize them. The following are important qualities you need to look for when choosing a nail salon:

Nail Salons Must Be Licensed

Most states require licenses and these licenses have to be displayed in your salon to let customers know that your salon has met hygiene standards set and specified by the International Pedicure Association. These licenses also show that your nail technicians are aware and follow proper hygiene practices.

Nail Salons Must Be Clean

Cleanliness is a very important factor in nail salons. If you are going to choose a nail salon make sure you choose one that is clean. Aside from the overall look of the salon, you should also inspect their manicure tools and equipment for rust and grime and check their linens and towels for dirt.

Nail Salons Must Have Visible Sterilizers

One way of ensuring that manicure tools are safe to use is if they have been sterilized. So, watch out for sterilizing equipment in a nail salon. The International Pedicure Association recommends that nail technicians soak their manicure tools in antimicrobial solution or use autoclave – a tool that is designed to eliminate germs through heat to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Nail Salons Should Not Practice Cuticle Trimming

Cuticle trimming is prohibited in licensed nail salons. The reason is to prevent infection. Your nail cuticles are responsible for protecting your nail bed from dirt and bacteria and removing them through trimming could lead to a possible infection.

If you are looking for ways to relax and break free from your routine, we highly recommend that you choose to spend your time at a nail salon rather than do it at home.

Vicky Sun
Vicky Sun
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